A quick guide to get familiar with Binary.com trading interface

A quick guide to get familiar with Binary.com trading interface

On the Binary.com platform, you will find one of the best available trading interfaces. It is designed to be intuitive and it includes many features that will make your trading career easier. In my opinion, the greatest thing about the Binary.com platform is the simplicity of its user interface. For people who have experience with other platforms, it’s just a matter of seconds to get familiar with well-organized platform functionalities. In this manual, we will guide you through the various functions of the Binary.com trading interface.

On the screenshot below you can see numbers corresponding to the specific platform features which will be described further. Although bear in mind that some of the icons and sections may be placed a little bit differently depends on your screen resolution, window size, and custom settings.

A quick guide to get familiar with Binary.com trading interface
Binary.com trading interface explained

Help section (1)

Located in the top-bar (or top of the left sidebar) icon of a question mark will lead you to the help submenu. From there you have access to support chat, you can watch numerous video tutorials covering not just platform features, but also valuable content to learn new trading tools and strategies. There is also a virtual assistant who can help you with the most popular topics connected to the Binary.com platform functionality and technical analysis. If you have VIP status here is the place where you can find dedicated trading signals.

Main menu (2)

The so-called “hamburger icon” will take you to the general menu of the Binary.com platform. From here you can manage your account, make deposits and withdrawals, access the history of your past transactions, change your personal details, and see past quotes for any asset. Here you can also switch platform to use it for trading financial derivatives or CFDs (sometimes referred to as currency pairs). If you are interested in tools like economic calendar, trading signals, and educational content provided by Binary.com, they can be easily accessed from here too.

Account balance (3)

You can see your actual account balance in the top right corner of your screen. You can use it as a switch between your demo and live account.

Make a deposit (4)

The deposit button is self-explanatory. You can deposit to your real or demo account.

Trading activity section (5)

The trading activity section is located in the right sidebar or at the bottom of the platform interface. It is divided into two tabs: Trades and Orders. From the “Trades” tab you can follow your open positions, see the performance of your past trades, and using the “Orders” tab you can gain insight into your pending orders. Executed orders are linked to the trades so you can easily access the transaction’s outcome.

Trade management (6, 7, 8)

Here step-by-step you can easily set up your trade. For trading financial derivatives you will need to choose the expiration time (6), the amount of your trade (7), and the predicted direction of the underlined market (8 – green for higher, reddish for lower price). Higher and lower buttons determine of course that you think that the market price will be higher or lower than the Strike price which is shown in the middle between them.

Charting features (9, 10, 11, 12)

All charting features are placed in the left top corner of the chart area. From there you can choose an asset you want to observe and trade (9). Compass icon (10) will give you access to various technical indicators and drawing tools. Those will help you with analyzing the market. Next is the chart type switch (11). You can choose a chart type that is right for you. You can find here the most popular forms of presenting price data on the timeline: Area (line chart), Japanese candlesticks, Heiken Ashi, and Bars. Last is the plus icon (12) which allows you to observe more than one instrument at a time. You can also use the second chart to do some multi-timeframe analysis of one market. For example, you can trade EURUSD from a 5-minute time frame using also 15 minutes EURUSD chart for recognizing a higher level trend.

Chart navigation (13, 14, 15, 16)

In the middle, at the bottom of your chart, you will find a small section with buttons that help to navigate the chart. You can zoom-in/zoom-out the graph (13,14), you can change the time frame of the chart from 15 seconds up to 1 month (15). In case you were observing past market situations by dragging back the chart you may want to quickly get back to the current candle. Then you can use the right chevron icon (16) and it will bring the chart displaying the current price action.

Different views of the trading interface

At the beginning of this article, I wrote that some parts of the user interface may be located differently. The more you will use the Binary.com platform, the more familiar you will get with it. With time you will be able to make some customization. Keep in mind that when you are trading CFDs (currency pairs) trade management section will look a little bit different. There will be no expiration, but you will have additional tools for using leverage (Multiplier) and Stop Loss / Take Profit features.

I am sure that you are now familiar with the Binary.com trading interface and feel comfortable using it. If you have some questions or want to share your opinion about the Binary.com user interface, please don’t be shy and use the comments section below.

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